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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ezine's 2 Minutes Approval Tips: Common Grammatical Errors

When you are struck by your latest writing inspiration, you may throw your grammar book out the window (literally or figuratively).

Don't worry! We do not recommend that you rein in your passion to diagram each sentence in order to ensure your article's grammatical structure is pristine.

Here is what we do recommend: Proofread your articles to catch any grievous errors. If you thoroughly proofread your articles before you submit, you will increase your ability to build your reader's confidence in your credibility.

Watch this video to uncover some of the most grievous grammatical errors you should watch out for in your next set of quality, original articles!

Here are two errors our editors will actively seek out when they review an article: the spelling error alot and the incorrect usage of your. For example:
Your alot of fun!
The word your is a possessive adjective that indicates ownership of something. The contraction you're is a combination of you and are. The difference? You are either stating, "you own fun" (incorrect) or "you are fun" (correct).
As for alot? Bottom-line: "alot" isn't a word. Don't forget the space between "a" and "lot". The correct sentence:
You're a lot of fun.

Here are a few more commonly misused words:
  • Accept vs. Except: Accept means "to receive", while except usually means "but" or "to leave out". For example: "We accept all forms of payment except checks."
  • Then vs. Than: Then describes time in the past or future, e.g. "Once it's midnight, then we can open the champagne." Than is used to compare two things, e.g. "I like summer better than winter."
  • Desert and Dessert: Desert describes a dry, arid region or to abandon. Dessert is a dish served at the end of the meal. Here is a quick way to remember the difference: When it comes to desserts, you should always ask for a second helping of the s.
  • Toward vs. Towards: Some will cringe at the sight of an s at the end of the word toward (i.e. towards). Both uses are correct, but the usage depends on the audience. For American English readers, lose the s. For British English readers, go ahead and add the s.
Make proofreading a habit and don't just rely on spelling and grammar software. These programs won't always recognize these mistakes and will often provide an incorrect solution. If you find yourself having trouble with these types of errors, do a quick online search and you will find tons of grammar resources at your fingertips. Practice getting them right by consciously using them (correctly of course) in your next set of quality, original articles!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Optimize Your Profile

Help Your Readers Get to Know You! amplifies your message: who you are, what you represent, and how you stand out from other authors.

That's where your Profile comes in. Your Profile is the #1 spot to talk about you, your company, your website or blog, and more. You are not required to fill in every blank; however, the more information you provide, the more you increase the odds of readers finding you, your website or blog, and your product or services.

A Complete Profile Will...

Increase your trust-factor by providing readers with more information about you and your credibility.
Send MORE traffic back to your website or blog (up to 9 unique links)!
Build your brand! Remember, each of your articles leads back to your Profile.
Expand your networking capabilities and social media presence.
Leverage your expertise with Recommendations.

Making a Profile Is EASY With

Adding, editing, and reviewing your Profile information is much easier with the new streamlined Profile on

If you have already entered information on the old interface, the information will be transferred to the new interface automatically, (for information on editing your Profile/Bio using, visit this post.)

First, log into your account. If you haven't already, don't forget to authorize your social networking sites in the Networking tab by selecting the corresponding social networking icon (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+).

Next, select the Profile tab and ensure you have uploaded your Author Photo (learn how).

Optimize Traffic-Driving Resources

1. Write your Biography (in 400 words or less) to help readers get to know you.
2. Enter your Business Name.
3. Bring on the Profile links! Enter: Up to 3 Business URLS Personal URL Blog URL Facebook Fan Page URL Up to 3 ISBNs or find a book or product on using our handy search feature.
4. Enter Keywords about you and your niche to help readers zero-in.

Now go to your Profile and fill in as much as you can to get the maximum return on your investment of article-writing time and effort by optimizing your Expert Author Profile! Then, mark your calendar and come back to your Profile in a few months to make sure the information still applies or if you need to add/edit any links. This process takes a minimal amount of work and it will help maximize the traffic you receive.

Come back here and let us know how it worked for you!

To Your Article Writing Success & Passion!

Managing Editor

PS: Now is a great time to start driving traffic to your website or blog with the new Expert Author interface! All of your articles, your creditials, and your information will be automatically transferred over, so you don't have to start over and you can begin to take your article writing efforts to the next level. Try today!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to increase your traffic? Free High PR DoFollow Backlinks

This page follows up on the hubpageIncrease Adsense Revenue: Google Adsense Revenue Strategies in which I introduced readers to some AdSense revenue sharing bookmarking sites, these sites not only provide dofollow backlinks but also share AdSense revenues with their users. Unfortunately not all bookmarking sites share revenues like Xomba and SheToldMe, yet building up as many dofollow backlinks to your online content remains as important as ever to your success with online earning. The more dofollow backlinks leading to your website pages, hubpages, squidoo pages, blog pages or whatever pages the better. The more backlinks, the higher your content will end up in the search engines, thus more traffic and inevitably greater earnings and business potential. Finding these dofollow bookmarks is never easy however, as webmasters protect their businesses from spam; this page will list some of the greatest sources of dofollow backlinks out there to help you on your way!
If you have any more, please share them with each other in the comment box! I have reviewed and tested over 120 sites using SEO software to compile this list, so fingers crossed it is completely correct factually! The complete list is split over two pages, with the first page listing dofollow backlinks on sites with a page rank of 3, 4 and 5; this one looks at dofollow backlinks on sites with a page rank of 6, 7 and 8 (Remember, the higher the number the more powerful the backlink).

Finding a free page rank 8 bookmark can be extremely difficult, but thankfully I have managed it, do not overuse them as Google can punish those that do - but used sparingly for your very best content they can be invaluable in helping you get your page to the google top 10!
  • - Everybody has heard of Reddit, but to be honest I had no idea that it was dofollow! I'm not sure how they respond to those submitting their own content, but at page rank 8 I will be giving it a good damn go at getting a few of my links in!
  • - A social bookmarking site for nerds, this site is actually PR9 but it came along far too late for me to create it a category of it's own and I don't know where the .jpg number 9 went! Anyway, getting one or two of these will do you the world of good!

Just like finding a PR8 backlink is difficult, finding a juicy dofollow PR7 backlink is difficult, but they are out there and here are a few that I have managed to find on my travels throughout the world wide web!
  • - Folkd is a huge bookmarking site, in a Digg style, which allows you pretty much a free reign to list whatever you please - that means that bookmarking your own content is generally seen as acceptable. This site is currently showing as a hugely respectable Page Rank 7! This means that it is incredibly hot! Definitely one which you need to utilise!
  • - Blinklist is a one-click private bookmarking site with a number of sharing options, it actually allows you to bookmark any page from any computer with just one single click before sharing the lists however you please. I haven't yet used this, so I cannot be certain that bookmarks are dofollow at all stages, but my understanding is that the site can be used for easy PR7 dofollow's!
  • - This site is used specifically for academic articles and scholarly references. I have no content worthy of that sort of acknowledgement, at least yet, so I will leave those that do to work out how to find the PR7 backlinks! Apparently they are dofollow though!
  • - Propeller is a hugly popular social bookmarking site with some great traffic and apparently much google love! The submitted links are dofollow, and the site uses a simple interface in which users 'prop it' or 'drop it'. The site doesn't take too kindly to those tha mass-post their own links, but I have got away with a couple and at PR7 it is worth the risk!

Also very difficult to find, page rank 6 backlinks can add a great deal of credibility to your online content; I have managed to find some of these too!
  • - dzone is an awesome social bookmarking site, a little like digg (but plusher!) with a web development theme. Anything techy will be fine on this site, but start posting bookmarks about relationships, mortgages, and credit cards..... and you will inevitably find yourself thrown out of the door. SEO stuff is generally fine, as are things like laptop reviews, anything else has to include talk about php, html, etc!
  • - Another bookmarking/content sharing site with a sleak unique design, this site is not really intended for those submitting their own content so I cannot be certain that this will go down well. If you do manage to sneak a couple of your backlinks on the site, you will benefit from the sites PR6 status.
  • - This is a Swedish bookmarking site, however many of the bookmarks submitting are written in English so submitting your links shouldn't be a problem. All submitted links appear to be dofollow!
  • - BuddyMarks is a dual purpose bookmarking site, allowing you to bookmark personal bookmarks as well as make bookmarks public. In order to gain a dofollow bookmark, you need to make your links public; easy peasy for another page rank 6 dofollow!
  • - is another private bookmarking site, your links become dofollow once you share them on hot lists and use similar means of making them available to the community.
  • - Another bookmarking site which does not mind when you upload your own content, some associates of mine have also reported some good traffic from this site!

How to Get High PR Dofollow Backlinks from Tumblr?

  1. Create an account at
  2. In URL field enter your main keywords with dashes between them.
  3. Confirm your email address.
  4. Click on “Untitled” ==> “Customize Appearance”. Choose a free theme.
  5. Go under “Settings”.
  6. Check “Use custom domain box”. Add your domain name without http  or “/”.
  7. Enable SEOQuake. Do a Google search with this command “liked this”
  8. Find high PR pages. Click on them one by one.
  9. Once on a page, click on “Reblog” in the upper right corner.
  10. Refresh the page to make sure your keywords show up as the last name in “Notes”.
Now you can goto different Tumblr Blogs and you have a choice: Like the post or Reblog.  If you Reblog the post you will get a DO-Follow backlink to your site with your anchor text.  If you only do “Like” you get a NO-Follow.  Here are a few FREE High Page Rank Backlinks from Tumblr.
PR 5 :
PR 6:
PR 6:
PR 5:
PR 5:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brainstorming Techniques for Expert Authors

Brainstorming Techniques for Expert Authors

Brainstorming is a technique many Expert Authors use to cultivate ideas and tap into creative sources to keep their articles informative and laser-focused.
Try the following brainstorming techniques to unlock the power of your articles!

Mind Mapping

Mind maps help you organize your thoughts by being able to see them visually. This technique also taps into the creative and resourceful part of your mind. This in turn helps you write better and more engaging articles!
Begin a topic, which we will refer to as "the root." Then start writing ideas that stem off from that root, and then write more ideas that stem off that root, and so on!
For example: Let's say I'm dog groomer and I'm stumped for article ideas. So I focus on my root "dog grooming tips" to get started and I let everything naturally flow from this root idea as it comes to me.

Mind Map - Dog Grooming Tips

Involves: dog nutrition for a healthy coat, brushing, and bathing. (Bathing! This reminds me that flea season is upon us with all the wet weather we had...)
Flea Season
  • treatment indoor/outdoor
  • prevention
  • hiring a professional to get rid of fleas (Professionals! Groomers and exterminators…)
How to Hire/Find a Professional
  • dog groomers
  • exterminators
  • check credentials
  • products professionals use (Products! Safe for home use and heavy duty…)
...and so on!

The 5 Ws and the H

Outlining the 5 Ws and the H (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How) creates an intuitive checklist and background for you to reference while writing. This helps you target your audience's needs! Aiming your articles engages your audience, which builds loyalty to you and your site.
Here's an example:
  • Who is your Audience?
  • What are their needs or wants?
  • Where do they go to get it?
  • When do they need it?
  • Why do they need it?
  • How can you over deliver on it?

Pump Up Your Brainstorming Routine

Grab a stopwatch and try these 15 minute brainstorming sessions:
  1. Stream of Conscious Writing: Begin by writing the first idea that pops into your head and keep writing wherever your mind takes you. It can completely change from the original topic, but keep writing! This technique helps unlock any article ideas you never knew you had!
  2. The Power of Lists: Pick a topic and begin creating a list of all the attributes of that topic. It could be a Pros or Cons list, best or worst, etc. Share your results in an article!
  3. Read Up: Pick an article and read it. After reading, set your stopwatch and begin writing everything you can remember about the article, any impressions, and how the article's topic impacts your niche. This technique helps build your repertoire by gathering new information and you can share your impressions and the impact the topic has on your niche with your audience!
What methods or techniques do you use to brainstorm and stay motivated while writing articles? Share your story about how brainstorming has gotten you results in your article writing efforts.


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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Different Type of SEO Services

There are different types of SEO services but there is no hard and fast rule for it. Some can cost a few rupees/dollars/pounds in a year. These are considered as cheap and affordable Web Promotion Services. In this case it is just submission of sites to search engines and directories and nothing beyond it. So going for such cheap and affordable SEO services is not a good idea at all. It is just looking at the cost consideration to get promotion tasks done. There are also companies that offer services in the form of monthly management scheme. In this there is a contract for SEO Services and companies perform web promotion and Internet Marketing activities for their clients. They look after the site and report to client every month. The cost factor varies in different countries according the profile of the company, management needs and types of reports and services provided. This too can be considered as a just satisfactory and an optimum level where small business concerns want to get their new websites promoted and pushed ahead. Then another type is dedicated SEO consultancy. You can not consider cost consideration if you need the quality in promotion tasks. In this type you can avail the services of seo consultants at any time, you can discuss your problems, queries and get a smooth flow of advice. Some consultants charge on hourly basis and some charge partially before the beginning of project and rest on the completion. However the payment terms may vary on the project basis. You can avail all types of services such as defining of keywords, writing of content on keyword basis, defining navigation structure, on page and off page optimization techniques and other internet marketing activities. Finally there are SEO Services in the form of outsourcing. You can outsource your promotion work to different companies which are expertise in the web stream. Again cost factor differs in this case according to the quality and reputation of the outsourcing services provider. This too can be in the form of consultancy. You can also avail specialization services in different streams like you can hire link building experts at cheap rates or manual directory submissions. Looking at these different aspects of seo services it is recommended that among these you select that which suits best for your organization and according to your company need and goals otherwise you get confused leading you nowhere just wasting your precious time and money. You just need to refer the specialized consultant who can advise you what kind of future promotion activities your company requires. Keep in mind that investment in SEO is still considered as crucial aspects and nothing is certain as search engines rules and algorithms keep on changing time to time and only an expert SEO Advisor with the background of their precious experience can guide you.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Free Ping Tools for your Website / Blogs in the Internet (No Download Softwares)

Here is a list of some of the best Free Ping Tools in the Internet

Ping-o-Matic Auto Ping Of 27 Sites
Ping In Auto Ping Of 42 Sites
Feedping Auto Ping Of 154 Sites
Ping4free Auto Ping Of 133 Sites
Ping My Blog Auto Ping Of 68 Sites
Kping Auto Ping Of 60 Sites
Pingates Auto Ping Of 60 Sites
Auto Pinger Auto Ping Of 44 Sites
My Page Rank Auto Ping Of 25 Sites
Total Ping Auto Ping Of 48 Sites
Pingoat Auto Ping Of 50 Sites
Blog Ping Tool Ping Of All Popular Sites
Ping Ninja Ping of All Power Sites